Highly sought after political strategist both domestically & abroad, mentor and motivational speaker, Rashad Richey provides intriguing commentary, in-your-face debate and interviews about real issues relating to politics, social policies and life. Listeners are guaranteed to be informed with direct talk and a progressive platform. As the former Political Director and Senior Political Strategist for the Democratic Party in Georgia, an ex-gang banger and being no stranger to overcoming obstacles, Rashad brings a unique real-world perspective rarely heard on talk radio.

Rashad emerged from the streets of Atlanta to become a true force in the field of politics, social advocacy and government policy; electing people at virtually every level of government. With an uncompromising passion to help others and an unwavering desire to mentor our nations’ youth, Rashad has truly transformed his mess into his message and encourages others to do the same. As he always says, “No one is perfect, but anytime you help someone become a better “them” it always “you” become a better “you”.


In addition to politics and public policy, Rashad is a business owner, community advocate and serves the U.S. State Department through the GA Council of International Visitors as a Citizen Diplomat and as a member of the American Council of Young Political Leaders, whose international goals include human rights initiatives and the educational enhancement of international government relations. Rashad is also the Chief Lobbyist for the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and a Democratic Strategist.

Rashad is currently enrolled at Cornell University through their eCornell program where he is completing studies in Executive Leadership and completing Phd studies at Scofield Graduate School. He also continues to serve on the board of directors for multiple organizations throughout Georgia and has developed many community groups by applying the skills of a strategic planner, organizer, fundraiser and activist.

Through the years, Rashad has dedicated his life to ensuring that everyone has a political voice, regardless of class, race, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation. He also advocates for others who may not have always made the best decisions, but strive to be better people each day. Through political activism, mentoring, community involvement and the power of talk radio, Rashad has seen lives change for the better, including his own.


On-Air Talk Radio Personality
News and Talk 1380 WAOK- CBS Radio
January 2014 – Present

Finance Committee Member
Generation 44 - Obama For America
March 2012 – Present

Sr. Political Director
Democracy IN, LLC
January 2010 – Present

Radio Host
Atlanta's 1010 WGUN - Atlanta's Premiere Progressive News and Talk Radio
January 2013 – October 2013

Field Manager / Canvasser / Grassroots Fundraiser
Democratic Party of GA
January 2008 – December 2009

Director of Education
Grace Institute
January 2006 – December 2008

Program Manager - Education Specialist
Clark Atlanta University
March 2006 – December 2006


  • Political Advocacy
  • Community Activist
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Managament
  • Business Solutions
  • Organizer
  • Media Specialist
  • Grant Writer
  • Fundraiser

About Me

There is a new voice on the air in Black radio and his name is Rashad Richey. His show “Real Talk with Rashad Richey” reaches more than three million listeners daily and is based out of Atlanta on WAOK. Rolling Out sat down with Richey to talk about his show, the recent Garner and Brown grand jury decisions and a host of other issues.

You are called the realest man in talk radio. Tell our readers how you began your activism.

My activism began on the streets of Atlanta as a gang banger. During that time I learned to be an activist — but for an unworthy cause. After my “God” experience, I made better life decisions and later got involved in politics as a strategist. I saw how true political change could spark genuine progress in our community.

What inspires and keeps you coming to work each day?

The knowledge that I have a responsibility to make a positive and dynamic difference in the community. I bring an uncompromised voice to my listeners by utilizing the platform of talk radio to push the agenda. I also take that same determination and strength with me as an activist and political strategist.

What responsibilities do you feel that a Black talk show host has in today’s culture?

It’s very simple. To be a selfless and a “no sellout” voice for the community. To bring honest commentary, illuminate social ills and push practical solutions. I believe our main function in this sociopolitical climate is to be thermostats and not thermometers. To transform the atmosphere of social oppression, the prison industrial complex, lawlessness within the law, equal treatment under the constitution and other dynamics that continue to plague and degrade our society.

Has the voice of black media been dulled since Obama took office? Why do you think so?

I’m a supporter of President Obama, but I also believe he has been given a pass on major issues from Black hosts and progressive commentators because he’s the first Black President of the United States. It’s important to hold the powerful accountable at every step. All presidents should feel the pressure of our community issues.

What issues facing the Black community could change to most drastically if we united?

Three major things could change right away — Equal protection and rights under the U.S. Constitution, economic empowerment within the Black community and the ability to transform, create, influence and have access to educational institutions.


  • Rashad is a gifted speaker with the ability to bring people together for important tasks. He is a smart and hard-working political pro, and an effective ambassador for progressive values.

    Eric Gray, MPA
  • Rashad is a very hard working young professional who knows "his onions". He tirelessly coordinate the different political activities within the State Political Party. He consistently makes sure that the Political goals of the group and that of individuals within the group are met. He always has a smile on his face regardless of the odds.

    Khairat Animashaun-Ajiboye